It's easy to see why many people are looking to start their own home services businesses. After all, who wouldn't want to be their own boss and have the flexibility to create their own schedule? If you're thinking of starting a home services business, this guide is for you. Here, the Campbell Chamber of Commerce discusses how to choose the right idea for your business, which business designation to choose, how to market your business, and more.


What Do You Have to Offer?


The first step in starting a home services business is deciding which service(s) you want to offer. This can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start. To help narrow down your choices, focus on the areas that interest you most and that you have experience in or are willing to learn about. For instance, if you’re an experienced handyman or carpenter who enjoys working with tools and building things, then consider offering home repair services. If you’re passionate about gardening, then consider starting a landscaping business.


Choosing a Business Structure


When setting up your home services business, you'll have to select a legal structure for your company, whether it will be an LLC (limited liability company), sole proprietorship, or corporation, as this will affect taxes and other aspects of the company. While many new entrepreneurs opt for a sole proprietorship when starting out, a wiser choice is a California LLC. This structure legally separates your personal assets from your business, meaning they’ll be protected should your company ever run into legal or financial trouble. Plus, you’ll enjoy tax perks, which are invaluable as you get your business up and running and as it grows.


Licenses and Permits


Before launching any type of service-based business, it's essential that you check with local authorities about any permits or licenses required for operation in your area. For example, if you’re operating as a contractor, then there may be additional requirements, such as registering with the state licensing board or carrying a certain amount of insurance coverage before being able to legally provide services. Make sure that all of these requirements are taken care of before getting started; failure to do so could lead to hefty fines or even having operations shut down by local authorities.                                         


Marketing Your Services


Once everything is set up legally, it's time to move on to marketing your new home services business. There are many ways you can get noticed by potential customers, including social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, running print campaigns in local newspapers, attending trade shows, and Google Ad Words. Be sure to also create a website that lists all of your services and contact information. Depending on what you offer, you may want to provide examples of your finished work.


Provide a Resume


Creating a resume for your home services business doesn't have to be a major chore. Using a template can make the process much easier. Online resume builders offer template libraries that you can customize to fit your style. Remember, a well-crafted resume will help potential customers learn more about your business and what services you offer. Make sure that your resume is easy to read and formatted correctly. Use clean fonts and avoid clutter. If possible, create a PDF version of your resume that can be easily opened on any device.


Carefully Manage Projects


To keep everything running smoothly, it's wise to adopt systems for managing projects once they come through. Ensure that each project has clear timelines set out at the beginning so both parties know what’s expected throughout the process. This will help minimize misunderstandings down the line.


Starting a home services business can seem intimidating, but when you break it down into manageable steps, it's really quite straightforward. Once everything is set up correctly, you’ll be set up for success. With dedication and hard work, anyone can create their own sustainable small business offering valuable services within their community.


The Campbell Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping area entrepreneurs find success in our community and beyond. Join us today!